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Sony Playstation 3 Slim 320GB 3 Bundle   
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"This is my new IPod Touch I won from an auction when I was in the car and I paid about 1/2 price for it ....Thanks!-Tony"
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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 320GB Uncharted 3 Bundle Game System    PS3SCE98438

Product Description:

Get ready to go off the map and into Uncharted areas with PlayStation 3. Featuring a 320GB hard drive and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, this entertainment powerhouse will immerse you in your favorite games, movies, downloadable content and more. The 320GB PlayStation®3 system, just like the other systems, gives you everything you want: tons of exclusive games with great graphics; a built-in Blu-ray player for your HD movie collection; pristine picture quality delivered at 1080p*; 320GB of memory housed in an incredibly light and quiet console. Once you subscribe to Netflix, you can even stream movies and TV series at no additional charge. Experience CDs and DVDs in surround sound by playing them on your PS3™ system and store music, photos and video on its giant hard drive. Simply put, get everything you want in a slim, sleek, powerful package.



High Definition Capabilities

·         Only PLAYSTATION®3, featuring the revolutionary Cell Broadband Engine™, delivers Full HD 1080p resolution (via HDMI). With its High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), you can use your PLAYSTATION®3 with high definition displays as well as conventional or standard TVs

Cell Broadband Engine™

·         The Cell Broadband Engine is the digital soul of PLAYSTATION®3. Its unique multi-processing unit design is a tour de force in parallel processing and has the ability to do more of everything while giving the PLAYSTATION®3 the muscle and horsepower to move beyond artificial intelligence. This means more enemies, more AI, more explosions and more realistic game play

Blu-ray Disc

·         Blu-ray Disc (BD) is the next leap forward in the advancement of data storage technology and digital entertainment. Enjoy next-generation, 1080p high-definition entertainment, including games and movies, with the built-in BD player

DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller

·         Puts you in full control with wireless convenience

Always On Online Connectivity

·         The PLAYSTATION®3 system is always connected offering you a world of online possibilities including multiplayer gaming, text and video messaging, voice chatting, downloading content and browsing the internet

Entertainment Beyond Games

·         PLAYSTATION®3 goes beyond gaming. Rip music to your hard disk drive (HDD), import, store and display photos from any digital camera or memory unit, as well as upload digital videos. You can also play your existing library of DVDs, CDs and any new Blu-ray formatted movies

1080p video upscaling

·         Breathes new life into your existing DVD collection

·         System Interoperability

·         Easily exchange media like photos, videos and music from your PLAYSTATION®3 system to your PSP® system. Plus, get ready to witness an explosion in creativity as developers take on the challenge of integrating the PSP system into PLAYSTATION®3 games


·         CPU: Cell Broadband Engine™

·         GPU: RSX

·         Audio Output: LPCM 7.1ch, Dolby Digital. Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD, AAC

·         Memory: 256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM

·         Hard Drive Disk: 2.5" Serial ATA (320GB HDD)

·         Input/Output: USB 2.0 x2

·         Networking:

o    Ethernet: 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T x1

o    Wireless Communication: IEEE 802.11 b/g

o    Bluetooth: 2.0 (EDR)

·         Controller: Wireless Controller (Bluetooth)

·         AV Output:

o    Resolution: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, (for PAL 576p, 576i)

o    HDMI Out: 1

o    AV Multi Out: 1

o    Digital Out (Optical): 1

·         BD/DVD/CD Drive (Read Only)

o    BDx2 (BD-ROM)

o    DVDx8 (DVD-ROM)

o    CDx24 (CD-ROM)

·         Power: AC 220-240, 50/60Hz

·         Power Consumption: Approx. 250W

·         Backwards Compatibility: Due to the availability of an extensive line-up of PS3™ system titles, the 160GB PS3™ system is not backwards compatible with PlayStation®2 titles, but does maintain backwards compatibility for some original PlayStation® titles

Approximate Dimensions:

·         Height: 2.55"

·         Width: 11.41"

·         Depth: 11.41"

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Return Policy: Within 14 days in the original packaging

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