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25 Bids + $500 Grocery Coupons Reward sku 100-312

You Get 25 Bids Plus a Bonus $500 Grocery Coupons Reward from Grocery Dough.

Save $500 at the Grocery Store.

Everyone buys groceries.  And everyone wants to lower their weekly grocery bill!   Now you can!  With the Grocery Dough program you can receive $500 in face value coupons of your choice of thousands of popular brands. Best of all, we clip them for you and send them to you.  Just use our coupon clipping service to receive $500 in face value coupons for products that you already buy.  You’ll receive high quality brand name grocery coupons, which can be used at any one of the 127,000 grocery stores nationwide...anywhere grocery coupons are accepted.  This is truly a custom coupon clipping service with the largest selection of coupons available anywhere!  Millions have saved already!

The Grocery Dough team hand cuts coupons from newspapers all over the country, which gives you access to coupons that you would not normally have access to. Our coupons are updated daily.  Best of all, you can stock up on your favorite coupons by ordering multiple coupons of the same type, unlike other free coupon sites which don't allow you to do this. Plus, this program also includes 15 additional free bonus benefits like the largest inventory of printable coupons on the web, cash back shopping, daily deals, promo codes and discounts at your favorite retail stores like WalMart, Target, KMart, and thousands more, along with discounts on prescriptions, dining deals, savings on home and auto expenses, travel savings, and so much more.  This program is designed to save you and your family lots of money each week!


How it Works:

·         You’ll receive a $500 Grocery Dough Redemption PIN, delivered to your email inbox.

·         Redeem your $500 Grocery Dough Redemption PIN on the program website.

·         Your grocery coupons cart will be instantly credited with $500.

·         You get 24/7 access to the Grocery Dough website.  Simply browse coupons on the website and pick out the coupons that you want us to clip and send to you.

·         When you’re ready to check out, you just pay a small processing fee per order (10% of the face value of your coupons, plus $0.75 for shipping).

·         NOTE:  We add extra coupons to your order to offset the processing fee.  Example: You order $30 worth of coupons for a total cost of $3.00 plus $0.75.  The coupons of your choice are sent directly to your home via first class mail and you receive them a few days later. We also include an extra $3.75 worth of coupons with your order to cover the fee.  Just use the coupons, and your costs are covered!

·         Your coupons are delivered in just 3-5 days.

·         Then go shopping at any one of the 127,000 supermarkets nationwide and start saving!

·         Plus you get unlimited and members only access to thousands of additional savings each day like printable grocery coupons, cash back shopping, daily deals, discounts, promo codes, and much more!


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