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What is Zbiddy?

Zbiddy is an exciting way to get the absolute best deals out there. Zbiddy offers a thrilling spin on auction shopping with great bonuses and incentives. Zbiddy's software allows an opportunity to bid on auctions and take advantage of getting amazing discounts on merchandise, goods and services. For a great overview of Zbiddy, check out the "How it Works" Page.

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Where do I start?

In order to begin your noble quest to achieve world penny auction dominance and obtain the most unbelievable deals on brand new, brand name products, you need to register an account and purchase bids, available in the bid package of your choice. It’s easy, all you need to do is pick an auction that features an item you'd like to own and start Bidding!)

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How much do bids cost?

We currently offer different bid packages to meet your individual needs. The two of the most popular packages are 265 Bids for the low price of $159 or 100 Bids for only $59. Zbiddy accepts Visa and MasterCard.

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How does Zbiddy work?

 Zbiddy is the number one destination for exciting auction shopping and amazing deals on brand new, brand name products, every day, every hour, and almost every minute! This is how it works:

  1. Register.  First you must register for an account.  Registration is a quick and easy process and registration is always free!
  2. Buy Bids. You will use these bids to bid on the exciting items Zbiddy offers.  Bids are always a fixed price per bid.
  3. Bid on an Item.  Now you will find yourself on the attractive Zbiddy homepage taking a look at all the products available for your bidding pleasure.  Choose a product that you’d like to own and click on it to open up the auction page for that product.
  4. Place Bids to Win.  On the auction page you will see the bid button, current bid and the countdown timer.  If you are the last bidder when the timer reaches zero, YOU WIN!For more information on the bidding process please view the how it works video or continue to read further in the FAQ for the details of the bidding process and countdown timer.


Once you place a bid, three (3) things will happen:

  1. The price of the item goes up by a penny (depending on the auction type - will be stated on the auction)
  2. If a bid is placed when the timer is below 15 seconds, the clock goes back up to 15 seconds.
  3. You are now the highest bidder. If it stays that way once the timer runs out, you win the auction!

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I've registered and have not yet received a confirmation email. What should I do?

Depending on the email provider it can take a few minutes longer to receive the welcome email. Please double check the email address you provided us when you registered (located in the My Zbiddy tab under Modify Profile) to make sure that it is correct. Some email services have a filter; please check your Spam folder as you may have to add our email address to your Safe Sender List.

If you're still having trouble receiving the email or if you'd like to change your email address for your Zbiddy account please contact customer service for assistance.

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What is the EZ-Buddy™ and how does it work?

The EZ-Buddy™ is a useful tool if you are away from your computer, but don't want to miss out on winning an auction. This feature also allows you to keep focused on a specific auction while letting the EZ-Buddy™ take care of other auctions. It's very easy to use and is quite effective to enhance your opportunities of winning auctions.  To utilize EZ-Buddy, look for the EZ-Buddy™ on the auction details page on the right hand side.

 EZ-Buddy allows you to choose the amount of bids you'd like to place with the EZ-Buddy™ [must be more than 2 bids but less than 25 bids], select the price you would like EZ-Buddy™ to begin bidding for you. You have two choices, you can have the EZ-Buddy™ engage randomly or you can limit the bids to bids with only 10 seconds or less remaining. All you have left is to hit the “Activate” button. When choosing the price range, keep in mind that the price has to be at least one penny more than the current bid. At any time, you can monitor your scheduled EZ-Buddy™ by clicking on the My Zbiddy Tab, located in your My Account page and then click the “EZ-Buddy™ tab.

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Are all of Zbiddy’s Items brand new?

Every product that is auctioned is brand new and most come with the full manufacturer's warranty from the name brands you trust. The only exception to this is those instances in which the item is a collector’s item or an antique. If the item is categorized as such, it will be clearly stated in the item description.

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When do the items get shipped?

Once you've won an auction, the next step is to claim and pay for your item. Purchasing items is easy.  As soon as payment has been received, your item is then shipped generally within 24 hours.

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Do you offer any strategies and tips on how to win?

 To increase your opportunities of winning you may try the following strategies:

  1. Beginner Auctions: Utilize our beginner auctions to get used to the bidding process and further your understanding and skills!
  2. After you try a Beginner Auctions, look into bidding on some of the smaller items, competition might be less fierce for these items.
  3. Once you feel comfortable with the process watch other players to decipher their strategy and choose your auctions wisely. 
  4. Look through some of the closed auctions. See what a particular item closed for and the amount of bids that were used to win.  Look at the time of day the auction closed. See what other auctions closed around that same time to determine which item you will have a opportunity to win. .
  5. Use the EZ-Buddy™ to your advantage and see if other users you are bidding against are using it as well for that item.
  6. Having a large amount of bids in your account will ensure you don't run out of bids when you are in auction and miss out on getting the deal you were bidding on.
  7. Commit to win! You have to be willing to invest bids to win an item you want!

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How do I purchase bids?

In order to purchase bids, you must first register or be logged in. Once logged in, click on the “Buy Bids” tab, one of the four main tabs at the top of your page. You will be able to choose from one of our Bid Packs. Click the 'Buy Bids' button and proceed to the Secure Checkout area.

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Is there a way to see how many bids I've purchased or placed?

You can see a complete history of all your transactions, including the bids you've placed on auctions and the Bid Packs you've purchased, by clicking on Bid History Tab in the My Zbiddy page. It should also be available on the top right of the page.

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Bid Types

  1. Purchased Bids: This is the most common type of bid found on the site. This bid type is applied to bids purchased in the form of a bid pack. There are no restrictions on purchased bids as they can be used on any auction available on Zbiddy.com.  Purchased bids expire 60 days after purchase.
  2. Free Bids: Free Bids are sold as auctions and given when you refer a friend. Free bids expire 60 after they post to your account.
  3. Promo Bids: Promo bids work exactly like Regular bids and are offered at a promotional level. The only difference is that these bids expire after a specific, pre-defined period of time according to the terms and conditions stated on our website and will always be applied prior to any   Purchased  Bids.

When bidding on Zbiddy.com, all members are subject to Zbiddy's Terms & Conditions.

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Can I see who else is bidding on an auction?

When viewing the auction details page of an item, you will be able to view the last ten bids that were placed, including the usernames of the members placing them. You will also be able to see what type of bid was used i.e a Single bid or EZ-Buddy™ bid.

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If I placed a bid, why am I not the highest bidder?

Depending on the type of auction you are bidding on, some may be moving more quickly than others. If you placed a bid and are no longer the highest bidder, opportunities are it is because someone else has placed a bid a fraction of a second after yours and, therefore, has become the new highest bidder. One way to verify is to look at the Bidding History on the right hand side of the page. There you will be able to view the last twelve bids that were placed, including the usernames of the members placing them. You will also be able to see what type of bid it was, Single bid or EZ-Buddy™ bid.

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I’ve won, now what?


Congratulations on winning an auction!

You will be receiving an email with a link to pay for your winning auction. If you don’t get this email within the first few minuets of winning please check your spam box. If you cannot find the email, don’t worry; you can also pay for your won auctions from the “My Wins” tab on the My Zbiddy page.   

Please make sure to claim your item within 7 days of winning the auction. Should you fail to or decide not to claim your item, for whatever reason, within 7 days of winning the auction your auction win will automatically expire.


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Auction Types


  1. Penny Auction: The name speaks for itself. During a penny auction, every time a bid is placed, the current price of the item goes up by one penny ($0.01). To give each bidder an equal opportunity of winning, every time a bid is placed when the timer is below 15 seconds, the clock goes back up to 15 seconds.  When the timer reaches 0 the highest bidder WINS!
  2. Nail Biter Auction: This auction will keep you on the edge of your seat. During a Nail Bitter auction, you won't be allowed to use the EZ-Buddy™ function.  The only way to win is to place one bid at a time manually and keep watching the auction.
  3. Beginner Auction: Beginner auctions are for users who have not yet won any auctions. As soon as you win your first auction, you will no longer be eligible to participate in or place any bids in a Beginner Auction.
  4. Free To Bid Auction: Free To Bid Auctions work similar to a regular Penny Auction. However, as the name suggests, no bids are taken out of your account


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I have a Promo code, how do I use it?

 Zbiddy advertises on TV, radio, online, in print and in other various formats. In each there is a Promo code associated with the ad. If you did not receive a Promo code, please contact our Customer Service Team and we'll be happy to take care of you. When registering, you will notice a field to enter and validate your bonus code, located right in the middle of the page. Enter your code in this field and your bonus bids or auction discount will automatically be dropped into your account, as soon as your registration is complete. If you still require additional assistance, or if you experience an issue with your bonus code, contact our Customer Service Team and we'll be glad to help you.

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Retail Price vs. Auction Price?

The Auction Price is the price of the item right now based on the number of bids that have been placed on that item. The Retail Value is the manufacturer's suggested retail price.  Your savings is the difference between those prices and the value of the bids you have.  You will see all of this calculated savings in real time!

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Auction Limits

ZBIDDY shall have the right in its sole discretion and at anytime limit the number of auctions that any single user can win and ZBIDDY reserves the right to limit the number of auctions you may participate in at its sole discretion.

Limit restrictions include the following:

Gold Auction: Only 1 win allowed per 28 days on auctions with a retail value of $999+
Silver Auction: Only 1 win allowed per 7 days on auctions with a retail value of $499+ 
Bronze Auction: Only 1 win allowed per day on auctions with a retail value of $199+
All Other Auctions: Only 5 wins allowed per day on auctions with a retail value less than $199
Bid Pack Auctions: Only 5 wins allowed per day on Bid Packages

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Item Substitution Policy

Although rare, some auctions can go on for an extended period of time and during that time, our suppliers might discontinue the item in auction or it may not be available in your area. Rest assured that should you be the winner of this auction, you will be notified of any changes and Zbiddy will replace the item for one with equal or greater features. If this is not acceptable to you, we will refund you the final auction end price. Please contact our Customer Service Team and we will take care of you. Our priority at Zbiddy is your continued satisfaction.

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What are the shipping costs?

All of our shipping costs appear at the bottom of each Auction Details page and are for delivery within the continental United States. Some shipping conditions and/or additional costs may apply if the delivery address is located in rural routes within the continental United States or if you are shipping items to Alaska and/or Hawaii.

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Where does Zbiddy ship to?

Currently Zbiddy only ships within the United States. Coming soon we will be shipping to other countries in Europe.        

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How do I track my item?

You will receive an email when your item has shipped; this email will contain the tracking information.  Remember due to filters the shipping confirmation email may appear in your “Junk” or “Spam” folder. (Though rare, some items do not have tracking information)

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Are there warranties on the items being auctioned?

Most of the items being auctioned at Zbiddy are brand new and come with a standard manufacturer's warranty.  Some items not under warranty include special events, memorabilia, vacation packages, Bid Packs, gift cards, jewelry and other unique items.

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If I've received defective goods, what should I do?

Zbiddy is happy to help. Occasionally, a shipping mishap could lead to a damaged item. Contact our Customer Service Team right away and cite your username, tracking number and any other information relevant to your item. They will give you the exact instructions based on the item you have won. This must be done within 24 hours of delivery.

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Am I able to return an item that I won?

If you have an item that you have won and would like to return please contact our Customer Service Team for further instructions.  Please note that upon returning the item, we offer a refund for the final Auction price of the won item as well as the original shipping costs. The cost of any bids spent on the auction as well as return shipping costs are non-refundable. All items must be in its original unopened packaging.

Please see our terms of service for more information

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Am I able to return purchased bids?

 All bid packages purchased at Zbiddy are non-refundable.  See terms of service for more details.

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Where is my Magazine?

 Due to the scheduling of Magazine Publishers, it may take up to 8 weeks to receive your first issue.

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Where can I view / change my personal information?


 In order to perform any of the actions listed below, you will first need to be logged in to your account.

The first thing you'll need to do is login to your account. You'll then notice that everything pertaining to your account is conveniently located on one page for easy access. Click on the My Zbiddy tab at the top of the page then click on the Manage Profile tab.


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How can I subscribe to the Zbiddy newsletter?

 In order to perform any of the actions listed below, you will first need to be logged in to your account.

From the My Account page -> Profile -> Newsletter . You will be prompted to enter the email address where you would like to receive our Newsletter. Please make sure to click on the confirmation link sent to your email address to complete your subscription.

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Can I add or change my address?

You can change your address only when you buy bids or pay for a winning auction.

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Where can I see how many bids I have left?

You can see how many bids you have left by looking at the top right hand corner of the page when you are logged into your Zbiddy account.

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Where can I view the auctions I won?


In order to perform any of the actions listed below, you will first need to be logged in to your account.

From the My Zbiddy page you can click on the “My Wins” tab , where you'll be able to view a complete list of the auctions you won and pay for them.

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What security do you provide for payment?

At Zbiddy, we value your security and privacy and continue to take the necessary measures to ensure your protection. When processing payments as well as other functions that include your personal information, we use high-security encryption as well as extensive security features to ensure that you can conduct your transactions in a safe, secure and private online environment.

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What methods of payment are accepted?

Visa and MasterCard

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How much time do I have to claim & pay for an item I won?

You must pay for your item within seven (7) days of winning the auction.

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Your privacy is important to us.

Please see our Privacy Policy.

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What happens if the site is down for maintenance?

Please see Terms of Service.

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I placed a bid that hasn't registered. What does this mean?

Inherent latencies in the communication between your computer and our servers exist for multiple reasons, including the speed of your internet connection.  Bid and/or timer inconsistencies although rare, can occur.  Zbiddy does not recommend placing your bid with only 1 second remaining on the timer, as it may not have time to register to our servers before the auction has ended.  For further details please see our Terms of Service.

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How do I take advantage of the Buy It Now option!

You can use the Buy It Now feature to purchase any product at any time during the auction. If you have placed bids on an auction, the bids you have used on the auction will be discounted from the value price. Buy It Now purchases will not count toward your daily win limit. Because there is no limit to the Buy It Now feature, the auction will continue even if a user chooses to Buy It Now.

To take advantage of the Buy It Now option simply click the line on the lower right hand side of the Auction Page. You are not required to bid on an auction in order to Buy It Now. If you have bid on the auction, you have two hours from the close of the auction to take advantage of the Buy It Now option.

Below is an example of how the Buy It Now price is calculated.

Value Price: $75.00
Discount: Bids Placed x Bid Price: 100 x $0.60 = $60.00
Buy It Now Price: Shipping/Taxes + $15.00

The Buy It Now price will change every time you place a bid.

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How Do I Invite A Friend?

If you love Zbiddy, you will want to share it with all your friends. If you share it with all your friends and they love it too, you can get 25 Free Bids. All you need to do is send them a Refer A Friend Email, they will need to register and buy a bid package, and you will get your free bids.

You can send them a Refer A Friend Email by clicking here.


How does watch list work?

The watchlist feature allows you to keep track of the auctions that you are interested in. If you see an auction item you would like to watch, you can click the heart next to the auction name and it will be added to your watchlist. Your watchlist can be found on your lower toolbar or in the "My Zbiddy” tab.

How does the price ceiling work?

Every auction has a set price ceiling. This is the maximum price an auction can reach. Once the price ceiling is reached the price will no longer increase, no matter how many users bid. The last user that has bid when the clock reached 0 wins.

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