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Purchase your bids

Bids cost $0.60 each and come in packs of all sizes starting as little as $13.50!.

Pick an auction

We have an exciting variety of name brand items to choose from. All of the items auctioned on our site are brand new!

Bid on an item

Each time you bid on an item, one bid will be deducted from your account and the auction price will increase by $0.01 for penny auctions. Note that once you place a bid, it is considered "used" and will not be returned to you.

Name of item

You can click the name or the picture to get more info about the item.

Retail value of item

Auction timer (hh:mm:ss)

Shows how much longer the auction will be open. To give each bidder an equal opportunity of winning, every time a bid is placed when the timer is below 15 seconds, the clock goes back up to 15 seconds.

Auction price

The price starts at zero and each bid increases it by 10 cents (or 1 cent for penny auctions).

Current highest bidder

Displays the most recent bidder. If you are the final bidder when the clock runs out, you win, and the item is yours for the final auction price!

Bid button

Click here to place a bid on the item.

There are only two charges associated with using our site:

1. Purchasing bids in order to participate in an auction
2. Paying for an item you've won

Here's a breakdown of how that works:

Purchasing bids

To bid in an auction, you must first purchase bids. Bids cost $0.60 each and come in packs of 45, 75, 300, 600, 800 bids.

A 50 Bidpack, for example, will give you 50 Opportunities to bid. Every time you bid on an item, the number of bids in your account is reduced by one. When your bids run out, you must buy more bids in order to continue.


Paying for an item

If you win an auction, this is what you will pay:

· The final auction price

· Shipping and handling on an item. These charges can be found by clicking on the item and scrolling to the bottom of the details page. It is important to look at shipping costs when forming your auction strategy.

Keep in mind that nothing will ever be charged to you until you manually run it through our checkout. Once checkout has been successfully completed and payment has been confirmed, you will receive your item.

The following is a section of suggestions from the ZBiddy staff. They are not guaranteed strategies. If you have a tip or trick you'll like to recommend, please email us here.

1. Before you get started, be sure to check out How ZBiddy Works and our FAQs section.
2. Be patient and observe the site before you bid. Watch a few auctions as they come to an end and develop your own strategy.
3. Don't spread your bids too thinly. Focus on one or two auctions at a time to maximize your opportunities of winning.
4. It's better to bid late in the game. Wait until there are ten seconds or less on the clock before you place a bid.
5. Watch for our slower times and take advantage of them. When everyone is off enjoying their morning coffee or stuck in rush hour traffic, you can walk off with great deals.
6. Arm yourself with enough bids to win the item that you want.
7. Always keep an eye on the number of remaining bids in your account and purchase more if needed. You don't want to run out of bids at an inconvenient moment.
8. Look for hidden opportunities. If everyone is buzzing around the TV, then scoop up the $50 Visa card and splurge on something wonderful.
9. Take advantage of the great ZBiddy promotions - refer a friend to earn 25 free bids, or join us for Happy hour Fridays.
10. Have fun!!!